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This program is funded through a partnership with the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley and assists eligible clients with, among other things, first month's rent, back rent, mortgage payments (principal and interest only), utility assistance and some vehicle repairs. The amount of assistance depends upon the client's immediate need and the availability of funding. The program is designed to be used if a client is unable to receive assistance through other sources.

Qualification Guidelines and/or Checklists:

  • To apply, contact your nearest Outreach Office to determine their eligibility and availability of funding. This is important because funds are available during certain times and not at others.
  • You will need written denials from any other agencies or documentation on what they have provided. Some examples of agencies may include municipal welfare offices, DHHS emergency funds, Share funds and Woman Aide. Always ask for a letter on what was done.
  • All clients, regardless of what type of assistance you are seeking, will need to supply documentation of all household income for the last 30 days. Include employment, self-employment, unemployment, workmen's compensation, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance, child support, alimony, pensions, any other money received from family members and any other income received.
  • For help with Utility assistance, you will need copies of your most recent utility bills, and your disconnect notice if one has been issued.
  • For help with 1st Month's Rent or Back Rent, client's new or existing Landlord will need to sign a statement indicating that they will accept the payment from Community Action Partnership of Strafford County along with an eviction notice or demand for rent if one has been issued. For first month's rent we will need a copy of lease with listed rent amount.
  • For help with past due Mortgage, please have copy of Loan account #, name of institution, who to contact and loan documents for proof of amount of 1 month mortgage and interest only.
  • For car repair you will need estimate from garage and what is needed to either pass inspection or to get vehicle running for employment.
  • Fax numbers and contact names on any of the above will allow the process to move along.
  • All money will be paid directly to vendors. We do not reimburse.

Contact Information: Call 603-435-2500 ext. 8139

Web Links

New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Homeless & Housing Services

Homeless Prevention Contact

Please contact your nearest Outreach Office for more information about the program and to learn if you may qualify.

Dover Outreach: 61 Locust Street, Suite 240 or 603-460-4237

Farmington Outreach: 527 Main Street or 603-460-4313

Adminstration Office: 642 Central Avenue, Dover, or 603-435-2500 ext. 8139 (appointment only)

Application Form

Homeless Prevention Testimonial

Last year, Kay-Lee W. came to CAP looking for resources. With CAP's assistance, she was able to pay her back rent and get into a rapid re-housing program. Her part-time job had turned into full-time work, and she had recently received a promotion, according to Housing Specialist Cheryl Robicheau. She found a more affordable apartment and was sticking to her budget to keep her bills paid and build up some savings. Kay-lee had even been able to have some dental work done with the help of her church. As we finished our conversation, she smiled and said "Thank you, again." I could tell her self-esteem was so much higher than it had been the first time I met her, and that made me smile.

Over the past year, our Homeless Prevention and Housing Services program helped 959 people obtain or retain their homes by providing rent assistance, utility assistance and car repairs valued at more than $152,450.