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The Workplace Success program was started in 2006 to provide job skills training and volunteer placement for the New Hampshire Employment Program. Clients in this program are trying to re-enter the workforce while supporting their families and are receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

The program provides classroom and computer training as part of its Service Bureau activities. Additionally, the program staff provides clients with volunteer job placements throughout Strafford County and provides support and liaison services.

Workplace Success also administers On-The-Job Training contracts for employers who decide to hire these volunteers, and these contracts can provide up to $3,500 per employee in training reimbursements. We are an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Qualification Guidelines and/or Checklists:
Eligible clients must be receiving TANF benefits and participation is by referral only from the New Hampshire Employment Program.

Contact Information: Call 603-516-8137

Web Links

New Hampshire's Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Program

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Employment Program


Workforce Development Contact Information

Clients should contact their NH Employment Program Employment Counselor Specialist located in their local DHHS office. In Strafford County, the office is located at:

Rochester District Office & NH Employment Program
150 Wakefield Street, Suite 22
Rochester, NH 03867

(603) 332-9120; (800) 862-5300

TDD Access Relay: (800) 735-2964

Fax: (603) 335-5993

Workplace Success Testimonial

Mike R., the father of three, became enrolled in the New Hampshire Employment Program in March of 2010. Mike was temporarily living with his mother until he could find a place of his own and needed to find work within walking distance since he was without a car.

Mike was referred to the Workplace Success program in April 2010. There the Community Job Specialist secured a work placement for Mike at the local fairgrounds for the summer helping with general maintenance. Management at the fairgrounds was so impressed with Mike's attitude and work ethic that they kept him on until December, long after many others had been dismissed.

When Mike's placement at the fairgrounds ended, he was asked about enrolling in another placement at a local nursing home as an activities assistant. This was a very different environment than Mike had ever worked in before, but since it was within walking distance from his home he decided to do it.

Within a few weeks, Mike's work habits and natural ability to develop rapport with the male residents, in particular, caught the attention of the nursing home's managers and they asked him about pursuing a career as an Licensed Nursing Assistant. The facility did not have a male LNA, and management saw how valuable someone like Mike would be to the residents. They offered Mike employment through an On-the-Job Training contract set up by the Workplace Success Program and enrolled him in LNA classes. Mike is looking forward completing his LNA training and continuing on in his new career.