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Workforce Investment Act helps displaced and economically disadvantaged workers get jobs and, if appropriate, provides training for in-demand occupations through NH Works offices around the state. Activities to assist the unemployed are help with resume writing, interviewing and assessment of previous abilities and skill levels to match the customer with an appropriate occupational goal.

Our WIA employment counselors work with individuals who are 18 and older and meet program guidelines, and they may be able to provide you with: Individualized employment plans; vocational and career assessments; support services such as day care or transportation; skills and educational services; and On-the-job training

Employers are encouraged to contact us about the WIA's On-the-Job Training Program. Eligible employers can be reimbursed for up to 50% of wages.

Qualification Guidelines: There are 3 eligibility categories: Economically disadvantaged, laid off workes collecting unemployment; or laid off workers from companies that receive State Rapid Response Services. Please call your nearest Workforce Investment Act counselor to make an appointment to learn if you are eligible for the program. We are an equal opportunity provider and employer.

In Strafford County, call the Somersworth office between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at 603-742-3600 or 603-460-4237 ext. 8195

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Workforce Development Contact

Michelle Hart, Workforce Development Coordinator

Office: 603-435-2500 ext. 8195

LauraKate Dickstein, Employment Counselor

Office: 603-742-3600
NH WORKS Somersworth Office
243 Route 108
Somersworth, NH 03878-1512

Workforce Development Testimonial

Allen, a 52 year-old man living in Rochester, received his GED at the age of 40, which was key factor in finding full-time, permanent employment. His work history consisted of five months in 2014 working for a local factory and as property maintenance manager for five years at car dealership.
Allen was made WIA eligible requested counseling and job search assistance. He felt he had many transferable skills and could be trained on the job to show potential employers he is able to learn new tasks and fill his skill gaps.
While Allen had not worked in construction industry, he did have previous experience working with wood, tools and machinery. We were able to find him on-the-job training with a local company as a lead carpenter, and he begin working for them in the OJT. He was able to receive QC certification and his training was successfully completed in May 2015.
When Allen first came to us he had an idea as to where he wanted to take his career, but was unclear as to how to make his dream a reality. Now he is making a good salary in a full-time, permanent job in a growing industry.